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Electrical Transmission Structures

Ever since 1931, we at Peterson Company have been striving for excellence by delivering electrical products to corporations all across the world. We are a principal seller of utility pole products from across the country and sell systems from Valmont Industries. It has always been a long standing belief at Peterson Company to only sell power pole structures from manufacturers who have distinguished themselves by producing high caliber products. As one of the founding members of the Electric Equipment Representative’s Association, it is up to the leaders in our company to make sure we represent the electrical industry with merit by maintaining meticulous standards on the type and quality of transmission structures and substation structures we sell.

Transmission Structures

  • Steel Tapered Poles for Transmission Structures
  • H-frames Power Pole DesignsVariety of Finishes for and Utility Pole Structures
  • Smaller Diameter Light Steel Structures (Sidewalks and Tight Right-of-Ways)
  • Custom Design Matching to Wood Pole Classifications
  • Custom Pole Designs
  • Wood equivalent Steel Power Pole Configuration for Short Lead Times or Repair Jobs
  • Antenna Tower Structures
  • Patented Splice Joints for Steel Structures
  • Traditional Flange Splices for Steel Structures
  • Cell Tower Structures
  • Lattice Design Structures
  • I-Beam Structures
  • Pre-Drilled Power Pole Apparatus Using Plasma Burning Process
  • Self-Conducting Stainless Steel Utility Poles for Grounding Purposes
  • Hardware for Light Poles
  • Pre-drilled Holes for Safety Steps and Equipment
  • No Extra Welding is Needed for Conductor Hookups to Attach Transmission Lines
  • Single Circuit Line Hookup for Utility Pole Structures
  • Double Circuit Line Hookup for Utility Pole Structures
  • Shield Wire Guards to Protect Against Lightning

Substation Structures

  • Tapered Tubular Substation Structures
  • Steel Substation Structures
  • Custom Substation Designs
  • Closed Section Tubes
  • I-Beam Structures
  • Lattice Structures
  • Steel Structures with Higher Translational Stiffness
  • Low Profile Aesthetically Pleasing Structures
  • Higher Terminal-Stop/Take Off Angles
  • Higher Tension Wires Due to Design
  • Substation Structures Exceed Wood Pole Standards with the NESC and ANSI

Peterson Company Manufacturers:

Union Metal CorpĀ  Manufactures of Tubular Steel Transmission Poles, Substation Structures and Steel Distribution Poles.


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