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Perf-O Grip Grating

Perf-O Grip Grating is one of Peterson Company’s top selling products. The Perf-O Grip’s popularity lies within its simplicity. A Perf-O Grip Plank contains a surface of large debossed holes and perforated buttons which provide gripping traction on the sole of a shoe in a 360° area, maintaing their grip in even the most grueling man-made or outdoor environments.

Perf-O Grip Plank is also a top choice grate for industrial work settings. Its flexible design evenly distributes a footstep over the entire surface thus lessening worker fatigue. Perf-O Grip is one of the top performing products a company can acquire. It not only reduces fatigue but increases productivity.

Perf-O Grip Plank is extremely adaptable to meet virtually any spacing requirements. Perf-O Grip Plank comes in a variety of widths and channel heights as well as numerous non-standard shapes and sizes. Custom applications are also available to meet any size, strength, weight, durability, load capability, finish, appearance or application. The versatility of Perf-O Grip comes from its one-piece construction which drastically decreases the need for field fabrication. If custom perforated aluminum designs are needed, our experts can fabricate a plank grating that can be molded and formed to fit almost any spacing requirements.

A variety of finishes are available such as hot dipped galvanization, anodized, plastic-covered, plated or any custom finish to suit job requirements. The rust-resistant finishes of Perf-O Grip Plank protect against corrosion to provide long lasting durability. Unpainted black steel is also available for environments which require the Perf-O Grip Plank to be painted. In addition to carbon steel, Perf-O Grip Plank can be manufactured with high strength aluminum and type 316 or type 304 stainless steel. The lightweight but hefty panels allow for a significant reduction in total quantity of steel used, thus reducing overall costs. Perf-O Grip can be manufactured to meet most load/span requirements and can be easily cut, welded or banded to specific requirements.

Perf-O Grip Bolt Seats – The Perfo Grip Bolt Seats provide a secure, long-lasting anchor to almost any standard structural supports. The innovative design features oblong holes specifically for a vertical anchor bolt. The anchor bolt can be safely secured even if the hole is off by as much as ¼”. Perf-O Grip Double Bolt Seats are also available to maximize attachment location flexibility by providing as much as 2” of longitudinal correction. Bolt Seats are available in standard mill galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Any additional hardware accessories are not provided.

Perf-O-Grip Mid Grating Clips– The Perf-O-Grip Midsupport Grating Clips are used at midspan points to increase the load carrying capacities of individual channels by linking multiple planks together to form heavy-duty load bearing section. The Midsupport Grating Clips are available only in galvanized steel which includes two bolts.

Perf-O-Grip J-Clip– Perf-O Grip J-Clips are an important piece of hardware for the Perf-O Grip product line. The Grating Clips securely lock the grating to the supporting steel structure without any additional drilling. Once locked into place, the J-Clip can be easily removed incase of environmental or layout changes. The standard metal finish is galvanized to prevent against corrosion. Any additional hardware accessories are not provided.


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