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Peterson Company is a proud representative of the Orsogril Product Line. Orsogrill is one of the most artistically beautiful steel fencing products on the market today. Orsogril is an Italian designed steel material primarily used in fencing, security gates, stainless steel screens, sunscreens, handrail infills, lattice window coverings, louvers and trellises. The steel fence panels are electrofused which eliminates any welds or bolts that might spoil the architectural elegance of the product.

Its sleek modern design comes from its fashionable rectangular decorative metal grating patterns which can be modified to include diagonals, bends and contours to meet the security and engineering standards of any application. The Orsogrill compliments the surrounding architecture and can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Orsogril fence products come is a variety of steel composites and can be finished with a vast palette of colors. All Orsogrill steel fencing products come pre-finished with powder coated panels with underlying zinc or primer corrosive resistant coatings which ensure a long-lasting finish for years to come. Multiple wire mesh architectural accents are also available to compliment any design including metal security fence structures.

Orsogril Product Lines:
Pleione®– This popular Orsogril fencing design is the ideal slotted bar solution for most industrial and commercial applications due to its superior strength-to-weight ratio over other economical wire mesh fencing panel products.

Sterope®– The Sterope® wire mesh fence features a sleek rectangular design which provides a cost-effective and secure fencing option.

Dione®– The Dione® Orsogril fencing product is produced with rigid characteristics which provide a closely spaced nominal square pattern for increased strength and security. Perfect for infills and small fencing requirements.

Danae®– The Danae® Orsogrill product line is manufactured with extremely rigid security fence panels that make this product perfect for high security enclosures. The Danae®’s security fence panels are virtually non-climbable.

Britosterope®– The Britosterope® Orsogrill structure is designed to increase the depth and strength of its main elements. The design integrates a deeper bar selection while preserving the same architectural structure as the Sterope®.

Alcione®– The Alcione® steel fence embodies the light and airy feeling embraced by its Italian architects. The modular perimeter privacy fence blends into most backgrounds while providing a discrete yet secure barrier.

Talia® 100– The Talia® 100 steel fence is a practical and economical solution for providing privacy fence screening. The metal clad steel fence sheets are perfectly designed to conceal equipment, garbage facilities or commercial/residential enclosures, all while allowing 35% free air flow.

Talia®– Talia® steel fencing offers a slightly larger opening than the Talia® 100 for additional ventilation and light while still concealing equipment or unsightly events. This Orsogrill privacy fence is perfect for concealing air conditioning units and electrical transformers.


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