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ACUITY BRANDS American Electric Lighting, Holophane-Roadway and Outdoor Decorative HID/LED Lighting, DTL-Long Life Photocontrols
ALBER CORP. Battery Test, Monitoring Equipment
ALUMA-FORM Transformer Cluster Mounts, Platforms, Equipment Mounts, Fiberglass Products
ARBITER SYSTEMS GPS Clocks, Power Multimeters & Gas Analyzers, Revenue Meters
C&D TECHNOLOGIES Lead Acid Batteries, Racks Chargers, Rectifiers, Electronics
CENTRAL MOLONEY Single Phase and Three Phase Distribution Transformers, Transformer components, Wildlife Protection
CG POWER Three Phase Pad-Mount Transformers, Power Transfrormers, Mobile Transformers
CIAgent TECHNOLOGY CIAgent hydrocarbon encapsulator Oil Spill Containment Systems
CONCAST FIBERCRETE PRODUCTS Fibercrete precast concrete bases for switchgear and transformers Precast trench and duct systems
E-MAX Power System Monitors, Digital Fault Recorders, Dist. Disturbance Recorders
GARRETTCOM Hardened Fiber Communication Devices Ethernet Switches, NERC CIP Security
HOPPECKE NiCad Batteries
LINDSEY Sensors and Specialized High Voltage Hardware
NGK-LOCKE Polymer Suspension and Line Post Insulators Porcelain Station Post Insulators
PATTON & COOKE Junction Bars, Potheads, Aviation Balls
PASCOR Substation and Transmission Air Break Disconnects, 15kV- 345kV, up to 4000A
PDU/ TRAVIS PATTERN Substation Connectors
POWER DELIVERY PRODUCTS Horstmann Faulted Circuit Indicators
PREFORMED LINE PRODUCTS PRODUCTS  Armor-Grip Suspension, Armor Rods, Guy-Grips, Dead-Ends, Splices, Distribution Ties & Fiber Optic Cable Accessories, Splice Cases
S & C ELECTRIC CO. High Voltage Switching and Protection
Metal-Enclosed Switchgear,
Pad-Mounted Switchgear,
Load Interrupter Switches,
Power Fuses, Cutouts, Fuse Links
Power Quality Equipment:
Adaptive VAR Compensator (AVC)
ENERGYLINE — IntelliCAP – Automatic Capacitor Controls
IntelliTEAM – Switch Controls
SENSORLINK Ampstik, Voltstik, High Voltage Hotstick Meters, Hotline Recorders
SOUTHWIRE Wire and Cable (Energy/Utility Product) Forte High Voltage Cable, Cable in Conduit
TAIHAN Fiber Optic Cables (ADSS and OPGW)
STRESSCRETE Spun Concrete Poles for Transmission, Distribution, Lighting
TRENCH ELECTRIC CO. Instrument Transformers, CT’s VT’s, CCVT’s, Coil Products
UNION METAL Steel Tubular Transmission Poles, Distribution Poles, Streetlight Poles
ZTZ SERVICES Online Transformer and Bushing Monitor, DGA Monitoring and Analysis
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