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High Voltage Cable Products and Transmission Hardware / Fiber Optic Hardware Support

For more than 77 years, Peterson Company has been delivering electrical products all across the Rocky Mountain Region. We are one of the most well known sellers of electrical cable supplies and more recently self healing cable in the nation. Over the years we have provided electric cable supplies and high voltage cable from many cable manufactures across the country but now exclusively sell systems from Southwire. It has been a longstanding policy at Peterson Company to only sell electrical cable and cable wire supplies from cable manufactures with a reputation of making technologically advanced products. We believe so highly is quality control that, we and our business associates, founded the Electric Equipment Representative’s Association. We guarantee that we will continue to uphold the principals we set forth and uphold the electrical industry by preserving the rigorous standards on the type and quality of electrical cable we sell.

Transmission Cable and Electrical Cable Products:

  • High Voltage Cable
  • Medium Voltage Cable
  • Low Voltage Cable
  • C-I-C (Cables in Conduit) Transmission Cable
  • Transmission Line Cable Wire
  • Overhead Distribution Cable Wire
  • Aluminum Cable Steel Reinforced (ACSR) Transmission Cable
  • Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS) Transmission Cable
  • Bare Transmission Cable 600v UD, 600v OH
  • High-Steel Strength Core Transmission Cable
  • Electric Cable Corrosion Protection Applications

SureSeal Self Healing Cable Properties:

  • SureSeal Self-Healing 600V UD Electric Cable
  • Non-Toxic Visco Elastic Compound Releases if Ruptured
  • Self Healing Cable Protects Against Corrosion and Shovels/Backhoes
  • Self Healing Cable Protects Against Power Surges
  • Moisture Blocking Properties
  • #6 AWG to #4/0 AWG Cable Sizes
  • 80 mil Insulation Thickness
  • High Voltage Transmission Cable Available With a Copper Conductor
  • Self-Healing Cable Has More Flexible Than Hi-Score Cable
  • Self-Healing Cable Flexibility Maintained at -20 C
  • Self Healing Cable Protects Against Rupture Damage by 4 x 4 Strippers
  • Traceable Fault Lines in The Event of Full Laceration
  • Self Healing Electric Cable Contains Similar Properties to Honeywell Self Healing HDMI Cable

Transmission Hardware and Fiber Optic Hardware Support:

  • Transmission Cable Suspension Support Hardware
  • High Voltage Transmission Cable AGS Rods
  • High Voltage Transmission Cable AGS Inserts
  • High Voltage Transmission Cable AGS Housings
  • AGS Bolts, Washers and Lock Nut Fittings
  • High Voltage Transmission Cable Suspension Fittings
  • Transmission Cable Spacers
  • Transmission Cable Connectors
  • Transmission Cable Dead-Ends
  • Transmission Cable Dampers
  • Double End Rods for Transmission Cables
  • High Line Angle Rods for Transmission Cables
  • All Aluminum Rods for Transmission Cables
  • Aluminum Alloy Rods for Transmission Cables
  • Aluminum Conductor Splices for Transmission Cables
  • Aluminum Conductor Splice Repair Kits
  • Transmission Cable Closure Kits
  • Underground Distribution Cable Supports
  • Porcelain Insulators for Line Posts
  • Polymer Insulators for Line Posts
  • Fiber Optic Cable Splice Systems
  • Fiber Optic Cable Rods
  • Fiber Optic Cable Claps
  • Fiber Splice Closure Supports
  • Fiber Optic Cable Dead Ends
  • Fiber Optic Cable Wire Assemblies
  • Fiber Optic Cable Suspension Support
  • Fiber Optic Cable Repair Kits

Peterson Company Manufacturers:


Manufacturer of Bare Transmission Cable, 600v UD, 600vOH and Self-Healing Cable.


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