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AlGrip Slip-Resistant Floor Plates

Algrip by Peterson CoWhen it comes to the latest and greatest technology regarding slip resistant surfaces, the Algrip floor plate is the pinnacle. Algrip non slip flooring products have been keeping surfaces safe for many years and have long been regarded as the industry leader in slip resistant floor plating.

Manufacturing Process

The Algrip floor plate is manufactured through a CNC laser plates deposition process which systematically carves out hundreds of tiny laser deposits from the custom alloy material. These deposits are transversed across the entire surface in a defined matrix pattern. This calculated matrix pattern provides traction to hundreds of points on the sole of a shoe thus preventing slipping dramatically. These divots are designed to grip the sole of the shoe in all directions making gripping power even throughout the walking cycle regardless of path or direction. The Algrip non slip treads are available in carbon steel and stainless steel with many thickness options.

Long Lasting Durability

The strength of the Algrip non slip tread comes from the innovative steel substrate composite that goes into every Algrip floor plate. Through many years of refinement and testing our manufacturing process, we have managed to create the optimal composite non slip flooring plate for long-lasting durability which will hold up in any situation. The true test of any non slip floor plate is not the substrate but the flooring surface. The laser plates deposits created by the CNC Laser has been independently tested and has been recorded at an astounding 60 on the Rockwell C Scale. The Rockwell C Scale measures hardness of materials. Very Hard Steel is reported at HRC-55 – HRC- 62. The metal used in the Algrip non slip floor, unlike versions used in conventional diamond plate, is tough enough to stand up to repeated pedestrian or vehicular traffic and has a long service life.

Non Slip Flooring Safety

The innovative laser cut surface provides an unparalled amount of traction not seen with any other diamond metal plate product. The .250 x .375 spaced matrix design allows appropriate spacing for shoes and vehicle wheels to encircle the gripping deposits thus allowing complete traction in all directions. The Algrip slip resistant floor contains more than 1,500  laser cut divots per square foot which not only provides floor safety but a comfortable walking surface for pedestrian traffic. The Algrip laser plates protect against slippage from lubricants, moisture, fluids, chemicals, industrial processing waste and much more. Algrip anti slip floor is best suited for industrial flooring but is widely used in both residential and commercial applications.

Slip Resistance Testing

Traction efficiency or more commonly called slip resistance is measured through static coefficient friction (COF) testing. This testing is required through ATSM procedure C-1028. The test analyzes the traction surface for sole shoe materials, rubber, leather and neolight in both wet and dry conditions.The ADA requires surfaces of at least 0.60 and 0.80 on inclined surfaces. OSHA requires a minimum rating of at least 0.50. As you can see from the results below, the Algrip floor plate exceeded all standards and proved to be one of the most slip resistant surfaces in the world.


The Algrip slip resistant floor is cut using the optimal matrix pattern to ensure gripping power in all directions. However, custom  plate patterns can be manufactured to meet a variety of applications. One of the more common uses of our Algrip non slip treads are allowing visible nosings OEM stair treads. Outfitting existing stairs with Algrip as an anti slip stair tread is simple and require little additional fabrication. Custom flooring applications are also available. Contact a Peterson Company representative for custom stair tread designs and other applications.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Process

At Peterson Company we take pride in knowing that our production of Algrip floor plates will not harm the environment. Unlike a lot of manufacturing processes, all Algrip floor safety products are produced using recycled materials and can be fully recycled after its service life. Unlike the manufacturing of other slip resistant products, Algrip floor plates are created without any smoke, overspray or waste products.


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